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Proportional Valves

Shop for durable proportional valves at Omega and enjoy better performance and greater reliability for less. We have several types of electronically controlled proportional valves to choose from. We have valves that feature low power consumption, stainless-steel wetted parts with KFM seals, rugged construction for industrial or outdoor use, and more. Many models are ideal for both liquid and gas applications. Shop online at Omega today to get the most dependable proportional valves on the market at the best prices.
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200:1, NEMA 4 (IP66), Electronic Proportioning Valves

The PV14 series of electronic proportioning valve takes an electrical input signal and adjust the flow through a pipe from fully closed to fully open.


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100:1, 1/4" Compression, 316ss, Electronic Proportioning Valves

The FSV10 Series proportioning valves with a pulsed driver electronic solenoid can precisely control the flow of a wide variety of gases and liquids


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20:1 Electronic Proportioning Valves for Gas

The economical PV100 Series combines a solenoid valve and electronics that provides an analog proportional control of gases


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