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Cryogenic Sensors

If you need cryogenic sensors for your application’s installation or repair, get them from Omega and enjoy the best performance at the lowest price. Our high-quality cryogenic temperature sensors are available in several styles, including clamp-style, small and large copper bobbins, half-rounded cylinder, and more. Our cryogenic sensors are built for ruggedness and for use in all environments, making them extremely durable and reliable. They are the very best you can purchase, and they’ll last much longer than sensors from other sources. Order the sensors you need today and lock in the lowest price possible!

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Cryogenic Platinum RTD Temperature Sensor

100 Ohm elements for use at temperatures between 14 to 873K (-259 to 600°C). Available in three sizes.


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Cryogenic Silicon Diode Temperature Sensor

Output per the standard CY670 curve, used to measure temperatures between 30 and 500K (-243 to 227°C). Multiple accuracies available.


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Transmitters for use with CY670 Sensors and Platinum RTDs

Converts the Silicon Diode or Platinum RTD output from a resistance output to linearized milliamp or voltage output


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