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Gauss Meters

Omega’s gauss meters feature the latest designs and technology in magnetic measuring equipment. We have a number of gauss meters to choose from, including our HHG191 meter, which allows measurements up to 2000 mG to 200 micro-tesla, our HHG1394 triple axis data logging meter, and our HHG1392 EMF tester with data logging. If you require your gauss meters to be rugged, accurate, and capable of lasting, then you want to buy yours from Omega. We’re the brand professionals in the field trust for equipment and devices that outperform the rest. Shop at Omega today for the best selection, quality, and prices.
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Omega Portable Magnetic Field Gauss Meter with Display

The HHG191 Gauss Meter with Display measures up to 2000 mG to 200 micro-tesla with a basic accuracy of 2.5%. For electronic transmission equipment to powerline applications.


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Data Logging Three Axis Electromagnetic Field Tester, Gauss Meter

The HHG1394 Gauss meter measures and displays electromagnetic fields in 3 axes in the 20 to 2000 milli Gauss range or 2 to 200 micro Tesla range.


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