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Liquid Analysis

Browse our comprehensive collection of sensors, testing kits, gauges, and meters for accurate f...
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Chlorine Analyzers
If you need chlorine analyzers, Omega has several types to choose from and we have them at the lowest prices possible. We have our FCLTX series free chlorine sensors, which feature highly advanced amp...
Water Testing Kits
Omega’s family of water testing kits ranges from standard water testing kits to tipping bucket rain and snow gauges. We also have a convenient hand-held dip-strip photometer for testing water for lead...
Viscosity Meters
From water-like fluids with low viscosity to high-viscosity fluids such as paint, grease, sealants, and more, our viscosity meters offer accurate and reliable viscosity measurement. These sensitive ro...
pH Meters

Whether you need a benchtop pH meter for use in a lab or a hand-held pH meter with real-time data logging, you’ll find exactly what you need at Omega. We have the latest in pH meter technolog

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