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Water Quality Measurement

From handheld water quality meters and sensors to transmitters and controllers, Omega offers a ...
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Water Quality Controllers
Explore our range of controllers that offer a reliable way to measure and control water quality. Available in single and dual-channel as well as multi-variable configurations, these controllers are ca...
Water Quality Meters
Quickly measure water quality against a range of parameters such as pH, ORP, salinity, TDS, conductivity, resistivity, dissolved Oxygen, and more with Omega’s range of accurate and dependable water qu...
Water Quality Transmitters
Measure multiple water quality parameters in your process streams such as temperature, pH/OPR, salinity, resistivity, conductivity, and more with our range of water quality transmitters. These transmi...
Water Quality Sensors
Use Omega’s water quality sensors to accurately measure quality parameters in water streams, tanks, main lines, or drums. These sensors are capable of withstanding wide temperature and pressure ranges...
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