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Sensing Accessories

Omega has a large inventory of sensing accessories to go with all our sensing devices and equip...
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Adhesives and Paste
Buy the adhesives and pastes you need for your application and get them for less at Omega. We have everything from OMEGATHERM? thermal conducting paste and OMEGABOND? epoxy to strain gauge adhesives a...
Jack Panel Assemblies
OMEGA provides an infinite variety of panel sizes with thermocouple connectors, colors, materials, and styles. Every option is not listed, contact us if you don't see what you need.
Connector Clamps and Boots
Omega has a large inventory of connector clamps and boots. We carry DIN connectors available with a range of input connector sizes and reduced hole openings. We also have EMI protection hardware with ...
Connector Bushings and Grommets
Omega has strong and dependable connector bushings, adapters, and grommets for every purpose. Whether you’re looking for an adapter with an NPT connector, a test plug for pressure and temperature, or ...
Pressure-Force Cables and Connectors
Select from our range of rugged cables and connectors to facilitate the connection of your pressure transducers and load cells to instrumentation and power supplies.
Carrying Cases
Omega has a complete line of carrying cases for all your instruments and devices. We have everything from rugged cases lined with foam and holster-style cases to hard plastic cases and cases made from...
Thermocouple and RTD Connectors
If you need thermocouple and RTD connectors, Omega has everything you need to complete your installation or repair. We have circuit board connectors in standard and miniature sizes, field mountable co...
Cooling Elements
Omega has a variety of different cooling elements available for a range of purposes and uses. We carry cooling jacket kits for infrared thermocouples, high-temperature insulated thermocouple elements ...
Join multiwire thermocouple cables, or just feed multiple wires neatly through walls or other small openings.
Threaded Fittings
Omega has the threaded fittings, adapter, and bushings your application needs. Our threaded fittings are made from 100% stainless-steel, so you can be confident that your adapters and bushings will st...
Protection Heads
Thermocouple Heads available in a variety of materials and styles to meet the most rugged applications.
Test Plugs
Do you need to fill test holes in an electrical panel or any other steel or fiberglass enclosure? Omega carries easy to install enclosure hole plugs that you can install without tools. Our enclosure h...
Power Supplies
Power supplies for stepper drives, sensors, transducers, strain gages, and general purpose use. Linear regulated and switching supplies, adjustable voltages and fixed voltages.
Pressure Snubbers
Omega is where you can find industrial-grade pressure snubbers and metric adapters and fittings. Our pressure snubber features a porous metal disc that comes available in three standard grades of poro...
Protection Tubes
Buy protection tubes for your FL-3000 Series Variable Area Flow Meter, multitube assemblies, and gas proportioners at Omega and save. Available in tantalum, black glass, red sapphire, carboloy, 316 st...
Wire Sleeves
Do your applications demand heavier-insulated wires than what standard wires offer? At Omega, we carry a non-fraying braided fiberglass wire sleeves capable of protecting your wires in environments as...

OMEGA Thermowells are available in a variety of materials such as Brass (ASTM B-16), Carbon Steel (C-1018), Stainless Steel A.I.S.I. 304 & A.I.S.I. 316, Monel.

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