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Omega’s digital thickness gauges offer accurate and repeatable non-destructive coating thickness measurements on ferrous materials. These handheld devices facilitate one-hand operation and are ideal to evaluate the coating quality, appearance, and performance of the product, or expected life of the coating.
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Handheld, Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

The DTG-500 has a backlit display and selectable units to measure coating thickness between 0 and 1000 micrometers on ferrous materials.


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Handheld Particle Counter with USB Interface

The HHPT-51 series has six particle size channels to measure and report air contamination. It holds 500 samples in memory, accessible through USB.


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Digital Hardness Tester with RS232 Output

The DHT-20 is designed to measure the hardness of ordinary metals and is widely used in quality and test and measurement laboratories.


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Pen-Style, Portable Hardness Tester

The DHT-40 is a premium integrated electronics packaged into an easily portable pocket sized case which includes the impact device, and can measure the hardness of any surface.


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