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Level Switches

Omega carries a large line of level switches and we have them in all manner of styles and ty...

6 Products found
Capacitance and Conductivity Switches

Designed for continuous level measurement of conductive, non-conductive liquids and other fluid types. Available in many sizes and with a variety of features.

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Float Switches
Designed for side mounting into tanks that have restricted space or inaccessible tops or bottoms, available in different types of measurement mediums.
Tuning Fork Switches
Point level switches based on the vibrating tuning fork principle, that are designed to detect low or high levels of liquids.
Ultrasonic Level Switches
Ideal solution to a host of liquid level sensing and control applications, offered in varying sizes, materials, styles, and limits to fit your application.
Optical Level Switches
Omega is where you can find the most reliable optical level switches in the industry. We carry a wide inventory of products capable of satisfying all your application needs. We have optic sensors, opt...
Rotating Paddle Switches
If your application calls for rotating paddle switches, then shop at Omega for the highest-quality products and get them for less. Omega’s fail-safe dry material rotary paddle level switches feature r...
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