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Smart Gateways

Smart Gateways are devices that connect the legacy as well as smart sensors to the cloud and transmit data back-and-forth between them. A gateway also facilitates preprocessing, cleansing, filtering, and optimization of the sensor data locally before sending it to the cloud for further analysis. This facility significantly reduces the burden on cloud computing resources, enabling fast response times and reduced network transmission costs. Local data logging also ensures that the sensor data remains secure and accessible in case of power or network outage. Gateways also provide the security for your IoT network and the data it transmits using features such as encryption, tamper detection, and crypto engines.

Omega's Layer N Wireless Smart Gateway can connect up to 256 smart sensors and send the aggregated data to the Layer N Cloud that offers the facility to access data from anywhere and on any device. With a transmission range of up to 3.2 km, connect the smart sensors wirelessly with or use Ethernet for wired connections. The intelligent gateway also features Modbus RTU RS232/ RS485 and Modbus TCP connectivity for legacy machines.

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Omega Layer-N Long Range Wireless/Modbus IIoT Ethernet Gateways

Omega Layer-N Gateways bring all of your data into the cloud. Compatible with all Layer-N Wireless Smart Sensors and wired Smart Probes or connect your own Modbus RTU devices


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