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Having the right alarms installed on your application is essential for the safety of both people and equipment. At Omega, we carry a variety of different alarms, including field-configurable limit alarms, temperature alarms, signaling alarms for harsh environments, alarm modules, and more. We even have models that are suitable for use both indoor and outdoor. If you want alarms that won’t fail, then you need to be buying your alarms from Omega. We are a leading provider of alarms to today’s professional installers and troubleshooters.
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DMD Series Alarm Module - DC Input to Single Alarm

DMD1080 Series accepts DC voltage or current input. Provides visual alarm indication/alarm relay contact outputs. Input tracker and alarms status LEDs.


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70A series Low Cost Audible Alarm Annunciators (buzzer)

70A Temperature Alarm Srs are piezoelectric transducers that operate as a solid state oscillator with loud, audible alarm tone. Can be connected to temperature controller.


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Signaling Alarms - Dual Tone, NEMA 4X IP65 for Harsh Environments

Signaling alarms -dual tone, nema 4x ip65 for harsh environments. Adjustable sound pressure levels. Selectable continuous/pulsing and wobble. Plug-in terminal block


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AC Powered DC Input DIN Rail Limit Alarm with DIN Rail Mounting

AC powered dc input din rail limit alarm with din rail mounting. Dual spdt output. Universal ac power. Programmable hi or lo and failsafe or non-failsafe setpoints.


in 8 weeks
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