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Punches and Hole Saws

If you need punches or hole saws for fabricating panels to hold your Thermocouple Connectors, DIN-size Controllers, or Panel Meters, then you’ll find what you’re looking for at Omega. We carry three styles of panel punches, including rectangular punches, round punches, and punches for DIN-sized controllers. In panels where the metal is too thick for a panel punch, one of our hole saws will do the trick. Each hole saw comes pre-assembled with a saw, pilot drill, and mandril and they’re suitable for use with a hand drill or drill press. Shop our inventory of punches and hole saws today and get the equipment you need to complete a professional job.
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Panel Punches & Hole Saws for Temperature Connectors & DIN Meters

Hole saws, round & rectangular hole punches, and DIN size panel punches. Use to create jack panels for mounting thermocouple & RTD connectors, controllers & panel meters.


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