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Wire and Cable

Omega has all the wire and cable you need for your thermocouple application. We carry a broa...

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Cable Accessories
Omega carries all the cable accessories you need to do your job well. We have professional-grade crimping tools, thermocouple wire strippers, and more. We even have an easy-to-use thermocouple and fin...
Cable Assemblies
Get all the cable assemblies you need for less from Omega. We have premium-grade thermocouple and RTD cable assemblies, coaxial cable assemblies, and more. Our cable assemblies are trusted by today’s ...
Thermocouple and RTD Wire and Cable
Omega is one of the leading providers of thermocouple and RTD wire and cable. We have everything from PFA insulated thermocouple wire to high-temperature M12 extension cables. Shop our inventory today...
Heating Cables
Buy heating cables from Omega to get the highest quality cables for less. We have everything from self-regulating rapid-trace heating cables and OMEGALUX? high-temperature constant wattage cables to l...
Heating Wire
Omega carries several different types of resistance heating wire suitable for a wide array of applications. Our high-quality nickel/chromium heating wires can be used to make straight or helical coil ...
Hookup Wire
Common applications include military harnessing, medical electronics, power supply lead wire and appliance wiring
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